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AddressFriendship Cultural Palace

Vietnam Medical and Medical Exhibition-V IETN A M ED IPH A RM is sponsored by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam, Vietnam National Advertising Expo Corporation (V IETF

A IR) an international exhibition held annually in the capital city of Hanoi. With the strong support of the Ministry of Health of Vietnam,This exhibition has become the largest and most influential professional regular exhibition in the domestic medical and health field in Vietnam.

It is also one of the well-known professional medical exhibitions in Southeast Asia. China Pharmaceutical, Pharmaceutical and Vietnam (Vietnam) Exhibition held at the same time.

Since its inception, the exhibition, as the most professional international exhibition in the Vietnamese medical field, is also a Chinese medicine and medical enterprise to develop the city of Vietnam.

The exclusive "China" brand exhibition attracts many large companies in the Chinese pharmaceutical and medical industries to participate in the exhibition every year. General exhibition.

With a total area of more than 7,500 square meters, 3 exhibition halls are fully occupied. The exhibition attracted from Vietnam, China, South Korea, India, Czech Republic.

A total of 350 companies from 15 countries and regions including Lisie, France, Japan, the United States and Taiwan, China participated in the exhibition.

Adress:NO.22 Kangming South Road Xushui County Baoding City Hebei Province China