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The Mexico International Medical Hospital Supplies Medicine and Equipment Exhibition EX PO M ED will be held in Mexico City. It is a Latin American professional, comprehensive and powerful medical exhibition in Mexico. It is also the only professional medical and health personnel business forum in Mexico. , This exhibition is held every year. The exhibition site will bring together medical merchants from all over the world, including hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and other visitors, to provide exhibitors with a professional sales platform, and there will be a professional medical team on the international business forum Discussion on hot topics such as protection and health care rehabilitation.

It is understood that procurement managers of major medical companies, public health institutions and private medical professionals, entrepreneurs and owners of chain pharmacies, and members of relevant educational institutions, associations and medical associations will all come to this international exhibition. The exhibition provides exhibitors with a professional business platform, which is definitely one of the wonderful exhibitions that exhibitors cannot miss in the new year.

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